Dan and Dave offer the finest selection of magic books, videos and playing cards.


We share an intricate passion for deception. We live by the idea that form is an invisible function and the simplest way to get from A to Z is backward. We believe anything is possible and that our dreams are blueprints to our future. This drives our passion for design, which is the quintessence of our involvement in enterprise.

Our formal introduction to magic was an exposé of classical illusions. Perhaps this is why our interest in the art appertains to mechanics rather than effects. However, this allowed us to believe that even the grandest illusions performed by Copperfield were accessible, and compelled us to learn as much as possible. Eventually, we discovered the joy of an audience’s wonder and briefly entertained the concept of performing. However, we soon recognized our affinity for conjuring was behind the scenes, and there it continues to incubate.

Inspired by all arts, our desire is to advance our craft through self-expression. Our productions are manifestations of our ideology and we wish nothing more than inspiration from others.

Although we appreciate exceptional intricacies, we’re minimalists. We follow the principles of shibui; a Japanese term translated wonderfully by Matthew May in his book, In Pursuit of Elegance, as, “effortless effectiveness.” We believe this is what the Professor meant when he said, “be natural,” which is typically associated with style rather than function.

Our process is reductive; we strive to achieve the most economical methods.

Our foundation matured through a devout study of classical texts. We learned from books and for years were attentive to Marlo, amassing as much of his published material as Andy Greget, a well-known bookseller, could offer. In our early years however, our good friend and mentor, Ricky Smith, turned us on to Lee Asher and Aaron Fisher. Their inspirited approach induced a quest for similar modus operandi and influenced our visual style. Later, Ricky demonstrated Chris Kenner’s Sybil, a seminal flourish in the field of cardistry, which immediately launched an obsession for card flourishes. Although our passion for card flourishes began with Sybil, it was witnessing Joey Burton and Brian Tudor demonstrate their own unique styles in 1999 at a magic convention in Sacramento, California that really opened the door to an endless world of unexplored possibility. Our impression was that playing cards offered greater potential and could be building blocks for sculpture. The only criterion to fulfill was an intimate aesthetic. Beyond that, no direction was necessary.

With playing cards as our tool, flourishes became a natural form of creative expression. As visual artists, our desire to experience the world of magic and see everything grew. We attended several conventions yearly with money earned from selling manuscripts of our inventions. Soon we began seeing our material practiced and performed by others, a joy beyond anything we have experienced since. This motivated us to continue our publications, which ultimately manifested our company, Dan and Dave Industries.

Our interests are broad and magic is our avenue to express them professionally. Through our business, we practice design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and commerce in a variety of industries. Recently, we have even become involved in event planning with our own conference, Magic-Con.

We understand our market is niche and wouldn’t want it any other way. We admire the personal relationships we have with our fans and whatever our involvement, we will always consider their opinions and desires.

That door we walked through years ago is still open, leading to other doors, other worlds, and other infinities. Recognizing great responsibility to the youth of magic today, we invite them inside. Where they go once inside will be spectacular. We see great potential in their dedication and enthusiasm and look forward to the futures they will influence.


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