Dan and Dave offer the finest selection of magic books, videos and playing cards.

Our Company

Dan and Dave Industries was founded in 2001, and has grown from a brand associated with a small selection of videotapes into one of the finest purveyors of advanced sleight-of-hand magic and luxury playing cards. Not only a magic retailer, Dan and Dave Industries acts as a lifestyle brand and design firm, producing high quality products, apparel, and accessories for magicians, cardists, and anyone interested in our esoteric art form.

Known for their visual style, Dan and Dave Buck strive to provide the best resources and experiences for their customers and fans. They have rejuvenated some of the more rare and highly guarded material from some of the greatest creators and performers of our time, including Juan Tamariz and Guy Hollingworth. They are constantly working to push magic forward.

We love what we do and believe in the products we carry. We wish to inspire new generations of magicians as well as educate anyone interested.


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