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Denim Factory with Ben & Ambrose

Following the overwhelming success of the first color edition of Smoke & Mirrors, we released a cool blue edition we called Paper Denim. With this edition, we explored new printing options in both the packaging and with the actual cards. The result was phenomenal and set a new standard in quality.

To commemorate the fifth edition and continue our countdown to the 7th and final edition, Ben You and Ambrose of Singapore present an elegant display of cardistry in one of the coolest locations we’ve seen in a while.

Ben and Ambrose first caught our attention back in 2010 with Helix, which went on to win our Prequel cardistry contest. We have since become friends with the duo and would like to take this opportunity to officially announce their collaboration with us on an upcoming cardistry project, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy this video produced exclusively for the Smoke & Mirrors release.

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