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David Blaine

Probably the one most responsible for the current popularity of magic done at close quarters, his first television special represented a sea change in the way magic was perceived by the public. Every special he has done since then has resulted in much needed converts to the art and an elevation in the way magic is perceived in general.In addition to the miraculous effects he performs on his specials, he has also drawn great acclaim for the stunts that he performs. These superhuman feats go beyond the epic endurance, stamina, sleep deprivation, freezing temperatures, and sheer force of will that are their hallmarks. A number of the feats have drawn the attention of experts in the medical community, causing them to rethink some of their theories on what the human body is capable of.To learn more about this extraordinary gentleman, please see his excellent work Mysterious Stranger. In addition to providing information about Mr. Blaine, it contains some diabolical magic, excellent thoughts on performance, and great historical information.

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  1. i know how to do the David Blaine levitation :) Not sure if its on this site. But David Blaine is my second favourite magician. My favourite is Dynamo. Looking for an article about him on this site and some of his tricks to be ‘revealed’ Overall, great website

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