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Derek DelGaudio

Derek DelGaudio’s superlative talents with the pasteboards are near legendary. In his early teens, it is spoken, Darwin Ortiz was told that there was a young man with extraordinary skills, including an excellent bottom deal. Mr. Ortiz, an expert in the field, asked to see a demonstration and young Derek innocently responded, “Which grip?” It is unlikely enough for someone to have learned any bottom deal to proficiency at such a young age but to be able to demonstrate an array of them, on command, seemed near impossible.Mr. DelGaudio continues to maintain abilities with playing cards that are otherworldly, however, he has been supplementing his enormous prowess with an increasingly robust ability to entertain on stage as well as a penchant for inventing novel routines and devilishly invisible sleights. His work with false shuffles has been of immense value, the Truffle Shuffle alone being one of the most perfect deceptions to come about since, well, forever, and his lecture notes contain much else of similar quality, although they are purposefully rare and difficult to find.Currently he has been doing much needed work in the art field with Glenn Kaino as A. Bandit, where they may very well prove that magic is capable of a respectable presence in this most illusive of fields.

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