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On October 13th 2015 we discontinued the allocation of Points in our Shop. A new customer loyalty system is in the works. All pending Points can still be used.

Our points system (Bucks) is a great way to earn rewards and save. Every $20 you spend in our shop, you will receive 1 buck. Be the first to review an item, and as long as we approve it, you will earn 1 buck. Points are worth $1 each and can be used just like cash on any future purchase. Collect enough of them, and your next order could be free. Here’s an example of how you might utilize our points system:

Jason, an amateur magician and student in college, is browsing our shop trying to decide what new book to buy. He comes across Card Fictions by Pit Hartling and remembers hearing great things about it, but is also captivated by the description. After adding it to his cart, he realizes he’s running low on cards and decides to add a few of these. On a limited budget, he forces himself to click checkout rather than browse any further. Since the total is over $60, Jason receives 3 bucks for his purchase.

After a couple months go by and he feels he has a thorough understanding of Pit’s book, he notices there are no reviews for it yet and could earn a buck for writing a good one, so he does. He now has 4 bucks or a balance of $4 to use toward his next purchase. Whenever Jason decides to spend his bucks (and with our bucks slider, he’s able to choose how many he wishes to use), as long as the purchase is over $20, he will be earning new bucks as well.


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