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Creating the Ultimate Custom Deck of Playing Cards

Luxury begins in the details, and is held together with first-rate materials and made from the most skilled craftsman. Our resources: years of experience, a renowned designer, and the leading manufacturer of playing cards in the world. From this, we created what we feel are perfect cards, the Smoke & Mirrors deluxe box set.

The Smoke & Mirrors box set is a statement of excellence. Every aspect was carefully examined and every detail meticulously placed. From the luxurious atmosphere they exude, to the perforated seal, the box set is a groundbreaking achievement.

Never before has a series of playing cards received so much acclaim. Already known the world over for their style and unparalleled quality, the box set is unlike anything done before. Each version was refined and reproduced for an all new edition and the finest cards we believe have ever been printed by the US Playing Card Company.

Produced by masters of their craft, for masters of their craft, the Smoke & Mirrors are the ultimate custom deck and are available in a limited edition signed and numbered box set.

Like all good things, the Smoke & Mirrors will come to an end. The box set is as much a love letter to the legendary series as it is an epic finale. Wether you’re a magician, cardist, collector or enthusiast, we hope they find their way into your collection.

One Response to Creating the Ultimate Custom Deck of Playing Cards

  1. Why did you change the court cards? this seems like backward progress for a deck of cards you deem ‘Perfect’. Certainly apart from that they are close to worthy of that title, but the simplified court cards were one of the things that has always made me want these cards so badly. One of the many things I have always admired about the decks you release is the clear attention payed to making every single detail of the design consistent. However the courts on this deck simply do not fit in with the general, refined theme. Was there any specific reason for doing this? Please do not interpret this post as me trying to pick holes in this otherwise excellent product, I am simply curious as to why you would do this.

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