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Smoke & Mirrors Playing Cards

Smoke & Mirrors: Now Available Individually

In just two months, over half of the 10,000 available Smoke & Mirrors Deluxe Box Sets have shipped. Your support has been phenomenal and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the release. Furthermore, it’s been so inspiring to see your submissions for our promo video contest, and the winning video truly blew us away. We’re overwhelmed to say the least.

Your comments and feedback also taught us a valuable lesson. Although the box set is beautiful and luxurious and everything we imagined it to be and more, we regret that we were not prepared to offer the decks individually as you wanted them. We realize now that the box set was more so appealing to collectors, than all of you who use and love the cards for their significance, quality and design.

As much as we love collecting cards, we enjoy using them even more. Seeing the Smoke & Mirrors in your hands is the greatest compliment we can receive. We have therefore made a small number of them available individually, and at a great price.

This means that if you have a favorite, such as v3 Smoke or Mirror, v4 Eco, v5 Denim or v6 Rouge, you can purchase it by itself as they are now available individually. Additionally, we’ve made the most desired of the Smoke & Mirror cards, the v7 Carbon, available in a special Carbon Copy deluxe box set with a signed and numbered certificate. The box set includes six Carbon decks – enough to use, collect and trade.

Lastly, if you’re a fan of Smoke & Mirrors, then you’ll love the T-shirt featuring Si Scott’s beautiful title illustration, as well as the limited edition poster with the same art.

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