by Dan and Dave Buck

It's been 16 years since we launched dananddave.com. We built the site to promote and sell our publications teaching the art of sleight of hand magic and cardistry, a practice we were obsessed with in our teens and through our twenties. During that time, magic and cardistry was our avenue to explore ideas, to tinker and invent. And producing products by publishing books and videos, and later playing cards, and custom accessories for magicians, as well an an annual conference, was an expression of our passion for magic.

In the last decade, this site grew from offering just a few of our original publications, to a global hub with several hundred items. And our success took us around the world lecturing for various magic clubs, producing content for other magicians and cardists, and even consulting for film and television. Dan & Dave became a brand, or an institution more or less, promoting the advancement of magic. And it has all been extremely rewarding and amazing.

Today we launch a brand new website with just a few pages. Some information about us, a timeline of events and releases, and this blog, including this post. The change is a shift in focus from our past to our future. We are beyond grateful for all the support from the community these last 16 years, but more so for the lessons we were afforded. We take this step back in readiness for a giant leap forward. Our dreams our real magic.