Damn Good Cards

by Dan and Dave Buck

If you're like us, you live and breathe playing cards. As a cardist and sleight-of-hand artist, you have open decks throughout your house, forgotten decks in jacket pockets, lost cards under and between seats in the car, and countless decks left behind somewhere. You're constantly buying new decks, some to collect but mostly to use. Because you use your playing cards and opening a new pack is as much a dopamine kick as those harmful other packs. You burn for perfect fans and faros, crisp riffles and springs, and clean white edges. We can go on, but the obsession is endless.

As for the cards, you want something stylish yet understated—a deck with integrity, proud to be playing cards, and not something else. Limited and collectible with the potential to increase in value, but also affordable. And premium in quality and design backed by people who actually handle cards and handle them well.

If you relate, then you'll love our new line of Damn Good Cards. They hit all the right points: thin white borders, crushed stock, no seal, standardized faces, exceptionally designed and produced, limited and affordable.

And by affordable, we've taken special measures to pass savings directly to our customers—that's you. Although we haven't skimped on the quality of the cards themselves, we have packaged them in a standard box, which substantially lowers costs. We're also limiting wholesale, which allows for a lower retail price. And we will offer a discount to our customers when they purchase 12 or more decks. On top of that, the special edition box set will offer the greatest savings of all.

The standard retail price per deck is $12. If you purchase 12 or more of any variety, the price per deck will be $10. The Special Edition box set, including all 6 versions, will be $60. However, for a limited time (while supplies last), we're offering 500 sets at just $48. That's only $8 a deck. As we said, affordable.

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