Vintage Plaid

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Inspired by our camping trips as children, each deck pays homage to the great outdoors. We're proud to say that while the original Vintage Plaids hold a special place in our hearts, our new updated design is really something to behold.

Each colorway features a brand new letterpress-printed and embossed tuck box complete with gold lettering, and all-around printing within. Not only have we recreated the box, but we've gone a step further and created an all-new Ace of Spades along with four unique Jokers (two for each deck). Additionally, the face-cards have been updated with a new typeface that adds a sleek component to the decks' already rugged yet refined feel.

Printed by the U.S. Playing Card Co. using an exclusive “crushed stock” process to create a more refined and lighter deck of playing cards developed by D&D.